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Is there another way to express how you're feeling? This image stopped me in my tracks back in 2007 when life felt heavy and I felt out of touch - there was that shiver of recognition when a chord has been struck. That gaping void that gnawed deep within was mirroring the pain of emptiness that I felt inside but couldn't talk about. The message conveyed by the sculpture was beyond words - yet it spoke to me. I wonder if it speaks to you too? I've always been a 'visual person' - art, symbols, and colour have resonated with me and been my allies in the most challenging times, also holding a special place in times of joy and celebration. So, this is where I turn for my emotions to find expression when my voice is silent. Is there ever a 'right' thing to do or feel when life throws us a curve ball? The world has changed beyond what we would have believed possible in recent times - and continues to change at breakneck speed as each week passes. Shock waves create less certainty and more vulnerability. What we feel can include any, some, or all of the following 👇 sad, numb, angry, resentful, confused, afraid, lonely, panic.... What's really important is that we give ourselves permission to feel how we feel and to accept that the only 'right' thing to do - or not do - is what's right for each one of us. CREDIT to the sculptor (anon) who created 'The Void' to convey the feelings and emotions of the bereaved who couldn't express in words.

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