Why Coaching, and Why Now?


Over the past two years, the upending of life as we knew it has taken its toll on our health, families, work, relationships, and our financial situation and the question many people have asked themselves is “How can I hold it all together when everything’s falling apart?” It can feel overwhelming and exhausting when we’re living in uncertain times, difficult to see clearly, make decisions, plan ahead, and having to let go of what we’ve come to know.


It’s at times like this when coaching can support you in finding a new way forward that works for you - one that enables you to be comfortable with uncomfortable situations and to be able to thrive no matter what shows up in life.


Coaching for Self-Awareness 


The majority of people tend to look outside of themselves for answers – what makes me ‘tick’? How do others ‘tick’? How can I fix myself/make myself better, be more successful, have a great relationship, and so on. The answers to most of life’s questions are never outside of us. I firmly believe that all change starts from the inside. Once we understand ourselves better by growing in self-awareness, no longer limited by our ‘blind spots’, we see life from a different perspective and have the insight to respond, rather than react, to situations from the inside-out. Otherwise, the potential to change our lives is severely limited if we believe that our thoughts and feelings come from the external circumstances and/or other people.


Restoring wellbeing is at the heart of my coaching approach – I see it as the essence of who you are, how you engage with others and with the challenges that come your way. 


“Wellbeing isn’t ‘out there’ – a journey to take or a destination to reach with a finite end point – but ‘in here’. It ebbs and flows energetically with the quality of our connection to ourselves and to others” – Ann McCluskey


I’ve moved away from the more conventional coaching models which rely on tools and techniques to focus on ‘fixing’ problems one at a time. Instead, I point you to your natural common sense and insight, keeping it simple by avoiding any further overload of strategies, theories, and techniques within your already busy mind. Coaching for self-awareness helps you to see for yourself that you are the one creating your experience of the world around you. You’ll begin to understand that the root of the ‘problem’, whatever it is, and the solution come from the same place – your state of mind and thinking.

Coaching with Me


I see it as a meaningful conversation that’s built on connection and rapport. It’s an opportunity to share a safe and confidential space that allows you to explore what’s been holding you back from leading the kind of life you want to live. It could be that you feel overwhelmed, at a crossroads, feel stuck, lack purpose, have a particular goal, or just feel there’s more to life – there could be any number of limitations that get in the way.


I come from a neutral and non-judgmental position, listening closely and pointing to examples of fresh thinking and insights so that you get greater clarity and find answers for yourself. With space for reflection, it’s likely that you’ll see the need to let go of old stories, beliefs, and patterns that no longer serve you, begin to feel more empowered, and appreciate the importance of self-care if you are to thrive in your life.


Why Me?


Most of the people I support are experiencing high and unhealthy levels of stress or anxiety - unable to think clearly or put into words how and what they’re feeling. The best, and most appropriate support I can provide, is to help them to settle their minds and to release tensions held in their bodies. Each coaching session starts with a short grounding practice to ‘bring them into the room’.  Beyond that, if there’s a need for more tailored de-stress support, I design simple mind-body practices that are easy for clients to do for themselves whether they’re at home or in the office. Once they experience this for themselves and notice that they’ve more ‘headspace’ and feel more relaxed, their quality of mind and overall wellbeing improve significantly.


Taking this holistic approach differentiates my coaching practice from the more traditional coaching services which are entirely verbal. I’m seeing an increasing interest in and need for a blended client offer.


Contact Me


I am based in South West England and work with individuals, business owners, groups, and within organisations - in person, zoom, WhatsApp