What People Say About Me

Tanya Woodland

Business Support Professional 

It was an absolute pleasure to have attended one of Ann's webinars : 'Futureproofing your Mind/Body Health to Create a Thriving Business'.  Ann has such a calming and engaging presentation style and her content resonates with her audience from the outset. She is such an authentic speaker, who comes from a place of personal experience and growth. As she shares her tips to help create a life at which you can thrive, you realise that there is so much more that we can all do to optimise our energy levels, she demonstrates some simple, yet incredible effective techniques that immediately make you feel less jaded, it is fascinating! During the webinar, I realised that I had without doubt experienced 'burn out' previously, the penny has eventually dropped and I learnt so much about why that was and I now have the tools to set boundaries in the future. I would highly recommend Ann as an holistic and leadership coach to any small business or entrepreneurs who wish to invest in the wellbeing of their staff and themselves.

Steve Hughes

Employment Partner 

Ann is one of that rare breed of people you meet for the first time and feel completely at ease, as if you have known her all your working life. An exceptional and insightful listener, with an agile mind and positive "half full" DNA. I cannot recommend more highly her coaching expertise to any senior business leader or striving professional wishing to grow and be the best version of themselves.


Tony Coleman

Senior H R Executive


Ann is a highly skilled coach with a thoroughly engaging, person-centred style. Besides experience, she brings insight and empathy to the people and organisations she works with, she is resilient, engenders trust, and is outcome-orientated, full of integrity and focussed. I have known Ann for almost 3 decades. I am pleased to have the opportunity to highly recommend her as a colleague and a skilful professional with a great sense of fun - Ann makes a difference and enables and encourages recovery and change.  


Brian Aird

Chairman, Westward Housing Group

I've known Ann for a fair number of years and we have worked together in a couple of different places. She has a gentle but firm style, is thoughtful, and clear in her communication and is always approachable. I've found Ann to be knowledgeable and professional at all times, able to offer insights and wisdom and someone it is easy to recommend to others.  



Tony Richardson 

Business Development Consultant

Ann has that wonderful gift of bringing everything I know I need, but I’m ‘too busy’ to make time for. I’m not too busy, I just need guidance occasionally to make space for what’s important. And low and behold, I’m suddenly more productive and enjoying what I do more.
Thank you Ann.


Mandy Withers

Virtual HR Director 

I highly recommend Ann as a Coach if you are looking for personal development. If you are looking for someone who ‘goes beyond’ with intuition and wisdom, look no further. I recently asked Ann to lead a talk for some HR Professionals and she did not fail to deliver. She is truly inspirational and always says things that resonate loudly with an audience. She is credible, as she has a history steeped in transformation. Ann has a passion to be of service to individuals who are stuck and seeking their own transformation. She encourages people to go confidently in the direction of their dreams to live the life they have imagined. I am so grateful our paths have crossed and I look forward to continuing to work with Ann.


Gill Donnell MBE

Award Winning Business Mentor ☆The Successful Women Members' Club & Business Network 

Ann has delivered a number of development session for the Successful Women in Business Network and they are always amongst the most popular. Ann has an in-depth knowledge of her subjects and delivers her sessions in a clear and calm way, filled with empathy and always offering relief from daily pressures. I thoroughly recommend her as both a speaker and for delivering workshops.



Jane Viner MBE

Chief Nurse and Deputy CEO


Ann has helped me to take a holistic view of leadership, to focus on team members mind, body and spirit in order to foster individual and team success.


Jennifer Corcoran

Award Winning LinkedIn Trainer 


Ann was a VIP Guest Speaker for Local Leader Devon, which is a voluntary meet-up for small businesses co-hosted by myself and Enterprise Nation. Her talk about energy was fantastic. In COVID times all of our energy has waned, so this motivational and inspirational talk was so needed and I received fantastic feedback. I met Ann through the SWIB network (Successful Women in Business) and she's a true gem. Kind, professional, calm and wise. I can 100% recommend her for helping you to find your ‘True North!


Jean Drew

Entrepreneur and Business Mentor

Ann is one of life's gems. She has a knack of offering wise words when they're needed, sometime before you even realise they're needed. She's a thoughtful and insightful speaker and presenter. She manages to balance empathy with straight-talking and has a huge amount of earthly life experience to boot.



Dorothyanne Russell 

Senior HR professional


I have known Ann for many years and she is a highly skilled coach, change manager. and leader. She brings a unique set of skills to any company, team, and individual she works with.



Fiona Bolt MBA

Financial Planner 

I have found Ann's presentations to be really insightful and helpful. She truly knows her stuff and presents in a calm and engaging manner. I'd highly recommend her for training and development in all her key areas of expertise.


Sue Cockayne

HR Consultant 

I have known Ann for some time now and heard her talk on a number of occasions. Her talks are insightful and inspiring in a way that you know comes from a deep understanding and life experience.



John Hepworth

HRM/HRD specialist


Ann has a lovely style. She’s a natural leader, and has certainly helped me immensely in that regard. Thoroughly recommended!