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❗Cost of living crisis - humanitarian disasters - climate emergency - global turmoil❗

How to navigate fragmentation when the world's compass is broken?

Times of peace and stillness in silence are precious

Do you seek them, find them, and remain in them?

Or, maybe you long for noise, action, and the hustle bustle around you -

finding it difficult to dial down your mind and body?

I wonder if living fully asks us to experience and integrate into daily life both the order and disorder, the activity and the calm -

not either/or but both/and? ⚖

That's how it feels to me anyway

As an agent of positive change (like many of you), I need to find that place of peace - no need to travel far, just within me

My 'go to' for creating a healthy balance is meditation - also a great mediator

and bridge between activity and stillness

I know there are times when it might feel tempting to completely withdraw from the world and everyone in it

Many make a conscious choice to live in isolation......

creating their own holy place, escaping the throng of the mainstream 'marketplace'

Don't think this would suit me. Being where I am, doing what I do, in the place I love feels just right

That said, I've found what's most important isn't where I live, or who I live with, but HOW I life my life

Following a meditation practice has made this possible - showing me how to sustain an inner strength, sense of purpose, and connectedness beyond myself

Holy place or marketplace? Both actually

Creating that 'holy place' within, an inner sanctum of peace, enables us to immerse ourselves where the noise of the 'marketplace' is loudest -

the roaring traffic, shoppers at sales, the deluge of headline news on screens - if we choose to

Go anywhere, do anything, without any outer chaos and confusion affecting us

Being in chaos, without being in chaos

Living life fully 🍃

☯ Keen to reset your compass to the path of peace? Here for you.......

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