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A world marred by violence, daily headlines of wars, inequalities, break ups, breakdowns, mental illness and suffering.....

Is there any wonder there's a growing need to 'believe in better'?

That a better world is more than possible

What would we do without hope? A rhetorical question that needs no response

Hope's a powerful word that inspires us, feeling that good things are ahead, setbacks will be overcome.....somehow remaining positive in the face of global crisis, adversity, and injustice on a huge scale

Living in hope powers and resources us to take action and make a stand

against people and circumstances that would break our spirit and fuel fear within our daily lives......

But it's only in experiencing and remembering what we've already overcome - the pain, drama and trauma of living a human life, and those frequent curve balls thrown our way - and the good that can come against all odds, that we can trust our inner wisdom and live life fully - regardless.

Giving ourselves permission to embrace and go with the flow of change, rather than remain stuck in a stagnant pool going nowhere

Our journeys through life can be arduous and fraught with obstacles along the way

Sometimes we just have to walk them alone - often referred to the desert (or wilderness) experience

Other times, people we trust join us to help with navigating a path through the terrain

Filling in the valleys - levelling the hills - making the winding bends a bit straighter and the rough edges that bit smoother

There's learning and self-discovery always - but journeying together can lighten that baggage we carry

It was the Easter week that got me thinking about hope over adversity,

new life bursting forth in Springtime, a new Equinox light of opportunity and growth

Don't we all crave resurrection in some form?

The scars we've earned (or even that metaphorical cross we carry), helping us to bear them with resilience and hope

Breaking free from what binds us to start a new way of being.....

I was reminded by someone who lives in my village of the gift in having an 'abundance' frame of mind

They called it 'living as if'..... life is good, abundance is all around, everyone cared for each other, neighbours share what they have - and so much more

Having that 'Easter Hope' throughout the year in our daily lives alters how we see the world, and the world around will seem different

" Hope is the only bee that makes honey without flowers"🐝

 Robert Green Ingersoll

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