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It's always fascinated me how our personalities develop - turning up in 'temporary costumes' as we go through life

Add in a few accessories (or trappings) like our job, education, money, car, status - to get us through each day

Becoming attached to them....until they show us their limitations

when they stay around too long

When we carry on growing and the costumes start becoming uncomfortable - too tight a fit, and the accessories lose their power

What then? A question I asked myself - and I'm sure I'm not alone

In fact, I know I'm not

"Is there a right time for coaching?"🤔 A question a recent client asked me

"When the time's right for you - you know when you know", I replied

What I know for sure is that a search for meaning - a gradual awakening in awareness - is often the time when I've been approached for coaching

💡A need to explore - an inner and outer journey of discovery going beyond the personality

💡Shedding those layers of costumes and coverings of protection that have kept you buried beneath fear, uncertainty, and confusion

💡Making space for new insights, growth, and free passage for the answers to those soul-searching questions move you beyond the everyday

💡Removing blinkers, being open to learn and also unlearn - you get closer to knowing who you really are at your core

⚠By not letting go, laying the past to rest, fear clings on - leaving you trapped, stuck, or even stunted

Once you can move beyond the confines of your personality and its attachments, it gives you freedom to roam....feeling, over time, that you've lost nothing that really matters

✅You no longer need to protect or defend yourself

✅You no longer need to compare and compete

✅You'll have reconnected with your self-worth and brought purpose to life

I meet many people who are still dressing it all up, possibly because it's so ingrained that anything different isn't an option

It might also be their choice

For me, though, those costumes I wore were useful during my development, but they didn't stand the test of time.

It's only in knowing my true self and being true to who I am, that will live on.

📷 A tree's true colours - just by nature doing what it does best. Adapting and thriving.

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