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Would you say you're more caterpillar than butterfly, or somewhere between the two at the moment?

Neither one nor the other, just hanging out - or hanging in within your cocoon

Not sure if you're coming or going......I guess that's what 'becoming' is about

It's a metaphor often used to describe that period of transition we all experience at different times throughout our lives 🐛🦋

Recently, a friend posted here about the challenges she was going through with the stages of menopause

It was the 'caterpillar to butterfly' journey that I mentioned in my response

What we're really talking about here are endings and beginnings, or leaving and arriving

Forced to let go of what we know and is familiar

Facing a future that's unknown and new

Examples of life events creating transition 👇

🎢 work change - relocation, redundancy, retirement

🎢 relationships - marriage, blended family, divorce

🎢 health➡illness, global pandemic, bereavement

🎢 moving house! - physical yes, also emotional and psychological impact

All of the above and more can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time

A heady cocktail of shaken and stirred emotions 🍸

What causes most of our discomfort is fear and loss of control that grips us

For me, moving house has always been a particular challenge - so far🤞

My advice is to 

✅ let go of tight control, holding gently without attaching to outcomes

✅ slow your pace - breathing space

✅ accept 'what is', rather than resist and

✅ face what feels uncomfortable, but necessary, head on

✅ find a way of being at peace with the change 

 - time in nature, journal, creative activities 

 - trusted circle of friends/community

There's always light at the end of every tunnel

Let's remind ourselves that nothing last forever 

And silver linings?

What does navigating our journey through transitions give back to us?🎁

A great opportunity for reflection - to stop and evaluate our lives

Embracing that change allows us to shed old habits, beliefs, and limitations

that we've outgrown and no longer serve us

Evolving with greater resilience and a sense of purpose

of who we are at our core - comfortable in our own skin

Learning to love our new colours and in finding our wings 🕊

My experience is immersed in transformation. For support in navigating transition, happy to help 🤝

Feeling stuck right now between a rock and a hard place? Some words of hope in the image below.....

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