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When you love what you do, people notice

When you care about what you put into it

The joy you get out of it returns to you

Like a pebble rippling in a pool. People notice and are touched by it

Can be summed up in one word - Meraki [meh-rah-key]

Derived from the Greek language. Can't be translated in any other word

in any other language - that's the beauty of it. Unique

It can become a way of life

Bringing meaning and a sense of purpose to absolutely any task

Ordinary or extraordinary.....

Seen most clearly when the Meraki magic is applied to creative or artistic skills

What I've notice for myself is poetry that really lands with me

As if my story is being told by someone close who really knows me

It feels real, alive, and true - never intrusive

Because it's a journey the author's walked themselves

Sharing a piece of themselves in their creative work

I'm also in awe of the passion and dedication that goes into creating beautiful art forms

Especially the more unconventional

It intrigues me to watch someone stone stacking - a sculpture e m e r g i n g

one stone at a time before my eyes

Why do they do it? I reckon the reason is as individual as each practitioner

Focusing attention clears the mind, and the mindful movement

creates an ease in reaching the point of balance

Or maybe it's the artistic pleasure of creating a great stack

Another artistic expression that draws me in - in both the creating and in the completion - is sand art

On a beach, or in a Tibetan mandala

Like the stone stacking, what every artist shares is the capacity to give

Their undivided attention to what they're creating

Putting their heart and soul into their work.....a natural expression of themselves

I'm grateful for the poetry and the art that resonates with me, creating a meditative space that feeds my soul

As I look on or immerse myself in the words of wisdom

Enabling me - in turn - to put my whole self into all that I do

With Meraki. Without it - where would we be?

I wonder if you do what you do with Meraki.....

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