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Don't we all love storytelling and hearing stories?

Stories matter. We all need stories to believe in

They bring meaning to life - a storyline with connecting images, giving direction, opportunities for learning, and often inspiration 💡

Think of our own life stories....

framed by our beliefs, terms of reference, habitual patterns, and those

nested stories we've been told or tell ourselves

Do you believe in your story?

Does that framework that's guided you, created perspective, and shaped

your life serve you well?

Help or hinder you? Heal or harm you? 🤔

Or - like a beautiful tapestry - is it fraying, full of holes, and the threads that have held it together gradually unravelling?

No longer feeling true to you

Feeling the need to shift your thinking.......

In the past this has felt threatening

but now you feel it's the only way forward

That - in itself - is a huge insight

What's needed is story 'space' - a moment in time to stop and wonder......

"I don't like how this story is panning out. Could I make a change and find

a better ending?"

This could turn into a pivotal moment 🌠

If that space gives you the freedom, discovery, and choice to re-imagine the story of your life, it will shift you from 'what is' to 'what if' thinking

Many people I meet are asking themselves this soul-searching question

Need support to navigate this transition? Just get in touch 🤝

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