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🔹Communication beyond words

🔹Within, and between us

🔹Senses, and whole being, conveying what we feel

🔹Seen and felt through experience and action

🔹The sound of silence.....

I've found recently that it's easy to get caught up in the weeds and maze of life

The world seems to have become noisier - or maybe I'm feeling it more?

It's led me to feeling a need to unplug from the mainstream buzz - and spend more of my time in silence🧘‍♀️

Within what I call the slipstream - alongside but not immersed in the mainstream - it's always time well spent

Untangling the spaghetti in my head that's often distracting and a drain on my energy 🤯

Reflecting on the things that really matter - that make my life what it is. Making sense and finding meaning

I come away with more clarity and sense of direction.....connecting with the natural flow of life. Everything just seems to fit and find its place 🧩

A good place to be - one I'd wholeheartedly recommend.....and definitely if your head's busy and likes to fill the silence!

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