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There’s something about an open fire that draws us closer, drawing us in – beyond the heat that warms us up against the winter chill.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been mesmerised by the colour, shape, and movement of the flames. A chance to step into a liminal space – a crossing point between the everyday and the ‘more than human’ – where there’s a feeling of peace and timelessness. Only the crackle of the wood to punctuate the silence.

The last time I sat in front of an open fire was last month. I was away from the hearth of home and needed to unplug from the mainstream noise, with time on my own to feel the energy of the flames and be left to my thoughts.

As I looked further into the flames, my thoughts turned to that inner flame within each one of us – dimmed to a spark at times but always there. With the potential and power to ignite others and transform whoever and whatever it touches.

🔥 🔥 🔥

Mary was a remarkable women whose flame burned bright throughout her 94 years, touching the hearts and souls of thousands far and wide.

With absolutely no interest in self-promotion nor the need to reach out through social media platforms, she was a force for good who changed lives - simply by being herself and teaching from her experience of ageing well. Never by describing herself as an expert, guru, or influencer.....nothing could be further from the truth.

🐈 Like a cat with nine lives, she defied the medical profession – facing countless health challenges with great strength of spirit, courage, and optimism always. Teaching the lesson that our path wasn’t to suffer setbacks, but to acknowledge and overcome them.

🕊 Up to Mary’s last breath, her dedication to her work and fulfilment of her purpose remained paramount. Hers was a life of selfless service – made possible only through her own personal sacrifice – in sharing the truth about the human experience of living and dying

✝ The funeral service last month was a celebration of a life well-lived

My thoughts then turned to what I’ll remember about and what I’ve learned from Mary.

💡 Her presence – a gentle power – a feeling of ‘coming home’ after being caught up in the weeds of the mainstream for what seemed like a lifetime

💡 Wisdom in questioning everything, always curious

💡 To lead, you first have to follow – learn the lessons, share them through your own example

💡 Faith and belief in creating a better world

💡 Offer hope, show kindness, lead with humility

and so much more…..

Eternally grateful that our paths crossed 🙏

Mary leaves an extraordinary legacy, one which her many followers will uphold as they continue to teach the way of living a life of purpose.

Maybe you’ve known someone who’s had a profound effect on you and how you’ve shaped your life, that you’d like to share……

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