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Updated: Apr 13, 2023

If life is a journey, why is it that so many people are obsessed with reaching destinations as quickly as possible? Ticking them off along the way – “been there, done that” 🎯

Convinced that they’ll find success and happiness at some point in the future. Where 'being in the moment', in the ‘now’, is just the means to an end – of getting to this future state of bliss.

Is happiness somewhere else for you too – not here, not now?

Rather than enjoying each day, are you just getting through it 😬 day in, day out - until you find your idea of nirvana? Then, and only then, you’ll take your foot off the accelerator and FINALLY give yourself permission to enjoy what it is you’ve been chasing all your life.

In the constant pursuit of a future nirvana – the life we’ve been dreaming of 🙏 - that we’ve no idea how to find, we’re continually pushing back further and away from us how it feels to find peace of mind and the fulfilment that comes with living life fully.

Rushing through life 🏎 we don’t have the time to notice and appreciate everything we have, or those golden opportunities that pop up when there’s space to contain them. Surely there’s more to life than ticking off everything we’ve done on our ‘to do’ list?

I hope I’ve given you something to consider.

I was one of the people who spent their professional career in the grip of ‘destination addiction’ – climbing each rung of the ladder that lay against the corporate building. When the blinkers were removed 💡 like many people, I realised that my ladder was against the wrong building……we live and, hopefully, we learn.

Some consequences of a life ‘on the run’

🔥 unable to savour the ‘now’, thinking about ‘what’s next’

🔥 too busy to stop, having to be somewhere else

🔥 wanting to be further ahead than you are now

🔥 committing to be less busy – next year

🔥 hoping the next big success will finally make you happy

🔥 lots of goals, targets, and plans, that you never enjoy your life

“One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Do it now” Quote from Paulo Coelho*

*author of inspiring and life-changing books – ‘The Alchemist’ is a great place to start

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