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He described it as being inside a dark cave - no light whatsoever

Black as pitch - how hell might feel?

Unable to tolerate noise and distractions from people, his mobile, or social media

So he switched off physically and mentally🔌

In the days that followed, he began to find a peace within the darkness

A stillness that he craved for so long but hadn't found - until now

Slowly and surely, he began to see and feel a glimmer of light.....

Head clearing, inner listening, awareness growing

Illuminating a path out of the cave 🕯

We each have our individual tolerance of the threshold between light and dark

For my client, it was enough to move beyond the dark into the shade - for now

Life's always about light and shade - positive/negative, life/death, love/hate

It's not 'either or', but 'both and'

We need that balance - if we're to learn life's lessons, find meaning, and a sense of purpose

Some examples.......

The 'yin' darkness of reflection and receiving - our inner journey

The 'yang' light energy of action and giving - our outer journey

The cycle of nature - no death, only transformation - renewal, and re-birth

Harmony between the light and the dark - moderated by the shade?

It's in the nature of nature to thrive 🌱

Are we any different? No. It's in our nature to experience the ebbs and flows

Those 'emotional' seasons we go through - from Spring through to Winter

Marking our inner journeys in experiencing life fully👣

It's our birthright to thrive - it's in our nature

Nobody ever said it was easy - far from it. We're always a work in progress

To know how it feels to be in a dark place

And living lightly basked in glorious light

When to hold on, and when to let go

Trusting that nothing lasts forever

It's for us to act and make the change

Living life fully - as a positive force for good

Is a choice we make BECAUSE of where we've come from 🕳

It's rarely bestowed upon us with a sprinkling of magic dust

We need to put in the work to navigate the human experience

After all we're here to learn, share, and help each other - right?

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