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How are you at putting yourself first? Are you there for everyone else? A generosity of spirit that knows no bounds?

Maybe you feel you're invincible......

Pitting yourself against the elements - with a 'bring it on' rallying cry

Walking a tightrope while juggling balls and plate spinning 🤹‍♀️💫

Or, is the juggling and spinning way out of control? Is that closer to the truth?

Among the many boulders that stop us in our tracks, we ourselves can - and do - get in the way of putting ourselves first. Here's a few to think about :

❌ being a workaholic perfectionist (guilty as charged)

❌ your passion for work becomes an obsession (ditto)

❌ at the back of the self-care queue (yep, again 🙄)

❌ what you believe to be true about yourself - without any evidence

❌ comparing yourself with authors of '2D' social media posts

So, what can you do about it? Here's some practical steps you can take💡

✔ be the most important person in your life

✔ put yourself first

✔ set boundaries that protect your energy (and sanity)

✔ start saying 'no' - and meaning it

✔ let go of 'shoulds' and 'musts' (+ any other guilt trips disguised as obligations)

Think about what your 'non-negotiables' are.....those things that are absolutely sacrosanct to you ⛔

What are the 'must haves' for you to really thrive? 🌱

When you know, let them guide you - always. If you wander, reset that compass 🧭

Live life fully - on your 'terms' 🎯

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