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Sometimes it's easy to forget how much we affect and are affected by each other.

We go about our everyday lives - getting more challenging by the day!

The usual ups and downs 🎢

On a good day - reflecting on and trying to make sense of stuff

We remember someone who made us feel absolutely amazing 🎶

Completely on the same wavelength - ❤ soars

Buzzing in their company

Coming away on a high

Looking forward to seeing them again

Someone else springs to mind, for very different reasons 👹

Being with them felt heavy and clunky - ❤ sinks

Feeling worlds apart - chalk and cheese

Time d r a g g i n g

An end in sight - yay!

Thinking back, we might ask ourselves

"Was how I felt about me....... or them?"

Or, maybe it was both? 🤔 READ ON......

Our energy field isn't just contained within our body⚡

It can reach as far as a METRE beyond it and picked up by other people!

Their energy either responds or reacts to the vibes we're putting out

If they're on our 'wavelength' (literally), their energy resonates with ours

My example of a heavy, clunky feeling would suggest that the energy was less than harmonious!

Understanding and managing our energy, how it weaves between the people and everything that surrounds us

Will stand us in good stead.

Navigating the fragmentation out there

Guided by our 'true north'

When the world's compass is broken 🧭

To hear more about energy and me ⤵️

Click the YouTube link for a podcast interview earlier this year

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