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In the Season of Goodwill... of Giving, and Receiving

......I wonder how much you've been there for others - the people who are most important to you If I asked you who the most important people in your life were, would you be one of them? Maybe it's time to give back to yourself......

We've seen just how much the external world can change and the impact it's had on how we live and work, our health, and our relationships. It's become increasingly clear that, if we're to thrive in the toughest times, we need to pay attention to our inner world by taking steps to futureproof our mind/body health.

Why not take that crucial first step in the first month of a new year? Come along to a hybrid breakfast event where I'll be sharing a short meditation practice and taking you through practical techniques for overcoming stress. You'll come away feeling more comfortable about 'being in chaos, without being in chaos'.

I'll be joined by two other speakers who will introduce you to the importance of connecting with nature and how to live and work holistically. This is a great opportunity to give yourself a couple of hours to prioritise your wellbeing and get some ideas that you can put into practice after the session.

We'd love you to join us at Future Leap Network on Thursday 13 January. Please register via this link.

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