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Next week is a special calendar event each year.....

Raising awareness - de-mystifying- and experiencing the benefits of healing in daily life. Not a 'one off' but for everyday living.....

Here's what healing energy can do for us 🎁

✔ creates deep relaxation, releasing stress/tension

✔ helps us sleep better

✔ improves our bodies' ability to self-heal

✔ supports spiritual growth and emotional clearing

Still curious?

You'd be very welcome to join our FREE online events next week.....

⚕ Find out more about what healing is and how it works

⚕ Experience it for yourself online

⚕ How to train to become a spiritual/energy healer 🤲

That's a decision I made 25 years ago and I've never looked back

It's really transformed my life and the support I can give to others

It really is 'the gift that keeps giving'

🐘 Remember.....

"There's enough time for self-care. There's not enough time to make up for the life you'll miss by not filling yourself up"

🙏 Jennifer Williamson

Like the ripple effect, the healing energy not only 'fills you up' - its flow is unlimited, reaching far and wide ⛲

Why not join us over the coming week? Our Chair of The Healing Trust will be extending a welcome to the week tomorrow/Monday 1 May at 19.00 UK time. Here's the Facebook link to kick off the week's events⤵

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