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Freedom to Roam

Okay, I accept it wasn't TOO far from home.....nevertheless I'm celebrating my great escape following 'Coronavirus Spring' 2020

The first time I've delivered a talk or workshop IN PERSON since my mind/body wellbeing session at the national NHS Strategic Workforce Conference in October 2019

Today was the very first module of my new 'Mastering Meditation' programme....and feedback from my corporate client was positive and reassuring.

So.......offline workshops and online webinars will be available from Spring 2022 - suitable for individuals, teams, or organisations.

The other 'first' today was a visit to Clevedon Hall - stunning mansion steeped in history and immersed in green space - which I'd wholeheartedly recommend as a training venue or for a corporate event....I'll be returning early in the New Year to deliver further workshops.

Today's been a day of many 'firsts' for me and one I'll remember as a day of celebration

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