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It always rings alarm bells when I hear someone saying that they don't have time to relax - they're far too busy to stop what they're doing - that they couldn't possibly take their foot off the accelerator. For a fair number of people, the default response when something's not working is to work harder, for longer. That way burnout lies Winter is the perfect time for rest, reflection, and recharge - letting go of what's passed and having the space to think about whether ideas that popped up over the previous few months will take root, or whether new inspirations and plans will unfold as the slower pace of Winter moves into the more creative energy of Spring. We're in, what I call, that 'space between' where boundaries are flexible - dialling up or dialling down our energy according to our needs. Rather than making grand gestures about smashing goals and setting unrealistic expectations around NY resolutions this month, I'd like to suggest that we remind ourselves just how far we've come in the past couple of years - how well we've learned to adapt to the upending of life as we knew it before March 2020, but also acknowledging that the stresses and strains of huge change can - and do - take their toll. It's important to take a step back and take stock before moving forward - that way we can be more sure-footed, with the momentum to step fully into new initiatives that will shape the coming year. Think of an athlete on the starting blocks... All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us' If you've been feeling up against it, that something just isn't working, what do you usually do? Do you do more, work harder, and try to cram even more into the time that's available? Does that work for you, or do you end up feeling more and more exhausted? If you're beginning to feel like a hamster on a wheel, read on..... We owe it to ourselves to take time out from activity so that we give ourselves the best chance of creating a healthy balance that works for us. The time to relax is when we don't have time for it. That's why we're using the time at our next Local Leader Enterprise Nation #devon meet-up to e a s e into 2022. I'll start off with a relaxation practice and then talk about how you can get the year off to the best start – so that you have the resources to rise above stress and overwhelm as you plan the months ahead"

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