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Dial Down and Tune Out... Especially When You Can't Go On Holiday

Here's a start......

1. LET GO OF SHOULDS....guilt trips disguised as obligations. Frees up time and energy.

2. GET AWAY FOR A DAY....a change of scene away from your usual routine works wonders. Nothing else matters for that day.

3. GO PLACES WITH MUSIC....that makes you forget about the rest of the world for a few minutes. Music or a song that give you goose bumps.

4. LIGHT A CANDLE....and let your problems and stresses melt away. No need to always do something to fix a problem.

🕯A shout out to The Recycled Candle Company for the fabulous 🌈 candle that arrived the other day - with 10% from all sales donated to Stonewall. Please support this Devon-based small business.

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