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Being in Chaos, Without Being in Chaos

The world's got noisier and voices louder....making it even more difficult to hear yourself think.

Space to 'gather your thoughts'? A reality, possibility, or pipedream?

In a nutshell, the noisier it is OUTSIDE the more we need to create silence from the INSIDE.

Disconnect to reconnect. Chaos to Calm.

Connecting with nature connects me to that silence and space to decompress and recharge. That and meditation practices

When I've been asked how long someone should meditate each day, I've suggested they start with 10 minutes and gradually build up. HOWEVER, for anyone who says they don't have enough time to fit in 10 minutes, I say that they should aim for 20 minutes!!

That's the advice I OFFER.... it's for them to CHOOSE how they invest their energy.

Please get in touch if I can help you think more clearly.

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