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There are times when we're carried along by the 'flow of life' - a natural easeful rhythm

Everything just falls into place - seamless and effortless

Even something we'd been dreading.....

Our energy feels 'high resonance'

Other times, we're cut off from or swimming against the flow

Feeling adrift and disconnected from the rhythm of life

Everything feels clunky, soul-less, and exhausting

Even something we'd looked forward to.....

Our energy feels 'low resonance'

So, what's my take on this? How do I live more in the flow?

I've learned that if I stop 'doing', slow down, and spend time on my own - away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life - in a space where I can just 'be', I'm able to unplug from the density of the 'mainstream' noise......

Reconnecting with the higher vibration within the flow of the 'slipstream'

The bliss of clarity and spaciousness

No surprise to learn that I'm way out of reach of that flow and rhythm when I'm rushing around

In the juggle-struggle, burning both ends of the candle

Overthinking, and trying to beat the clock

Too busy to slow down and apply the brake

Reminds me of my crystal bell (or any musical instrument of your choice)

When it's clear and uncluttered, it sounds a beautiful harmonious note - resonating long after it's been sounded, and very easy on the ear

Fill it with dense material and the sound is stifled and dull, with no resonance

No 'true note' that sounds melodious to the listener

Like any musical instrument, it will create discord if it's out of tune - and it can't be tuned while it's being played! It's in the silence that the notes can be heard and re-adjusted.....

It's only in the silence that we hear the inner voice that enables us to sound our one true note.

".......our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music" - Albert Einstein

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