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A New Rhythm of Life...Thriving Beyond Crisis

When you are unable to go outside, go inside. Within each and every one, there

is a safe haven from which wisdom emerges and healing in abundance for the

mind and body. Today, as ever, the voice of the soul is clear as the crystals

within and around you in all places in nature. It is a time of motion and of pause,

where the creation of a daily rhythm has never been so critical. The rhythm of

life itself flows through you and connects you to all that you are and all that is

possible in leading for good, and sharing that wisdom and Truth far and wide.

This year of awakening is a year of great opportunity for every living being to

flourish. For the abundance of the natural world and within mankind to be

shared across the planet, to right the wrongs of power and greed where some

thrive and others starve. Let sufficiency – yes, that is the word offered –

prevail for all and let harmony return to the new world that is growing within

the chrysalis of creation, in the wake of years of destruction and the recent

holocaust of darkness that casts its shadow across the world. Put the darkness

and dark thoughts behind you, look forward, look up to the Light of the new

dawn of hope and transformation, and let it be your constant companion as you

dedicate your life to the service of humanity.

Transcending the dense energy that has given life to the virus and the contagion

of fear within the hearts and minds of those gripped by earthly anguish is

absolutely critical if you are to strengthen your human system and your resolve.

Know that you are guided and protected at all times….but each one must take

personal responsibility and exercise the gift of free will in the way in which you

respond in the times to come. You know well the Truth of all life and the

miraculous power of healing to wholeness. Protection assured? The choice to

accept a vaccine to prevent an onslaught, or to reduce the impact, of the virus

is yours – and yours alone – to make. Giving due consideration over a reasonable

period of time will furnish you with the decision to act that is inspired by your

soul. Go gently, go safely, go forward.

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