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Moving Beyond Crisis - A Free Webinar


Since March 2020, what have we learned?

💡Expect the unexpected

💡The future's uncertain

💡We can't control what shows up

💡What's important and what isn't

💡Life's precious, and can be short

I'm delighted to be collaborating with Plymouth Science Park Ltd on their series of Business Essentials webinars on Wednesday 7 April. Knowing what we now know a year after living and working during a pandemic, we're able to begin to shape a future for ourselves.

What's really clear is that change is here to stay. The more we're prepared and can adapt to whatever lies ahead, the more we can move from just about surviving to thriving, no matter what.

Click here to reserve your free place and I look forward to meeting you at what will be a very practical webinar on 7 April.

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