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Between Corona-coaster and Corona-pause

Life, as they say, is stranger than fiction and life during 2020 is the stuff of horror stories, fairy tales, heroic journeys, and everything in between. We've experienced the peaks and troughs of the COVID rollercoaster and, at the same time, felt the silence and isolation of lockdown when the world stood still. Caught between frantic activity and an almost eerie void, we adapted and started living and working in a different way.

Who knows what the future holds, but what we do know is that we can prepare ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally for whatever shows up. Expect the unexpected is my new mantra for 2020.

Delighted to support #entrepreneurs week this afternoon by delivering a session on how we can ensure that we're mind-body ready for an uncertain future. A practical session to settle the mind and release tension in the body, the key takeaways were:

~ power in letting go

~ clarity on what's controllable

~ focus, purpose, direction

~ protect space and boundaries

~ resilience is more than activity

~ energy boosts/drains

~ blue/green psychology

Thank you to all the participants who engaged fully with the practices and huge thanks to Emily Barrett from The Bridge at the UoP for inviting me.

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