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Avoiding Burnout Through Self-Care

It’s likely that you and your business will have been ‘stress tested’ more than at any time ever, before March 2020. Has it taken its toll on your health and quality of life? Are you in the flow, or running on empty?

Whether you experienced CV-19 as a crisis or an opportunity, it’s clear that you need to be prepared to expect the unexpected – to be mind-body ready for whatever shows up. Whoever would have that thought that the world would come to a complete standstill…..

Apart from healthcare professionals, HR practitioners are often the gift that keeps giving…..until there’s nothing left to give. Rarely putting themselves first, but the first to rescue victims of bullies and to mediate toxic relationships in the workplace. The conscience of the organisation and always the last to turn off the lights when theirs is the last job to be made redundant in a restructure.

Let’s cut ourselves some slack. Firstly, every one of us is designed to thrive. Secondly, it is far from selfish to put ourselves first and prioritise our self-care – it’s eminently sensible. Thirdly, we’re no good to anyone if we’ve nothing to give.

In the session we’ll explore :

✔ How energy is boosted or drained

✔ Understanding the triggers

✔ Noticing chain reaction of thoughts-feelings-cocktail of chemicals

✔ Boundarying off space invaders

✔ Balancing activity with rest

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